VIP Membership

A few reasons to sign up as a Benfatto Nutrition VIP agent:

1 Speed

Benfatto Nutrition's teams are incredibly speedy and efficient. We'll respond to any queries as soon as possible.

2 Reliability

Our highly trained teams are incredibly reliable! If there is anything you require, we'll see to it that it gets attended to right away.

3 Exposure

We can assure that with Benfatto Nutrition you, your brand, your business will get the very best exposure online.

4 Dedication

Our design and marketing teams are highly dedicated individuals who understand the needs of our clients.

5 Support

Any problem or issue that may occur, we will ensure it gets fixed on time.

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Benfatto Nutrition VIP members services overview:

Teaming up with Green Blood Fitness and Zyger has led to Benfatto Nutrition creating an easy to plugin business opportunity that is accessible to anyone. Together Benfatto Nutrition is able to offer a broad selection of service. View all services here.


We are able to offer premium e-commerce websites based on our very own websites to our agents at massively discounted rates. These websites are preloaded with articles, images and all of Benfatto Nutritions products available for sale immediately.


The Benfatto Nutrition website design program is an amazing perk to have access to when signing up as a VIP but, it doesn’t end with just the design of a website. Available along with these websites are a variety of hosting plans that feature maintenance and SEO perks.


Awareness! Creating awareness of your business is vital. Establishing a business is only the first part the next step is to promote and market that business. The more people that know about you the better your business is likely to do.


Get noticed! As soon as you sign up as a VIP member you gain access to our agent profile service. Our design team will create an agent profile that is displayed on both Benfatto Nutrition's website, as well as Green Bloods fitness directory. There are many more perks to this however. Read More. 


Signing-up as a Benfatto Nutrition VIP member will grant you access to massive savings on all Benfatto Nutrition products. Get your business pumping with the Benfatto Nutrition business opportunity and sign-up as a VIP member today. Click here to read more!

Benfatto Nutriition Products

Pictures say a thousand words... A core component to establishing a brand is the level quality you bring to your customer. Creating the right images for your brand or business is vital. Read More.


Graphic design is great for developing a look for a brand. It entails the designing of various components within your business such as letterheads, email signatures, business cards, etc. and falls under corporate identity. Read More.


BN_Logo3All about Benfatto Nutrition's VIP membership

Starting and running a business is hard, at Benfatto Nutrition we know this all to well. With the competition growing everyday and the need to gain more exposure to promote your services or business there are very few reliable alternatives available to do so. That is how the Benfatto Nutrition business opportunity was created. Teaming up with Green Blood Fitness and Zyger has led to Benfatto Nutrition creating an easy to plugin business opportunity. Promoting and marketing our VIP agents and members is what drives this opportunity. Our core mission at Benfatto Nutrition VIP is to help and assist people with their fitness businesses in an effective yet affordable way. Together with our strategic partners we've built an incredible platform that brings the entire industry together.

What's available?

The Benfatto Nutrition business opportunity was initially designed to provide it's members with discounted rates on the Benfatto Nutrition products. This would allow agents to make a mark-up on the products and earn a profit. This idea was taken to another level when it was decided to provide our agents with their very own online business that could not only sell Benfatto Nutrition products but promote the individuals services along with it.

The services provided through the VIP membership include a variety of digital, online and web based services aimed primarily at the fitness industry. Once a member has signed up he or she will find, within the Benfatto Nutrition VIP website, plenty of image based and text based content available for download. Whether it is information on nutrition, supplementation, cycling, boxing, bodybuilding, skating, wrestling, etc. it’s all here and we (as well as our community of team members) add to that wealth of information on a daily basis.

This content can be utilised for any VIP members website, social media account, printing, it really does not matter. The content is created and designed to be used in anyway that can help your business grow.

Not just a supplements company

Together with Zyger and Green Blood, our design team have created an amazing online platform that incorporates a multitude of system types into one. Not only is the Benfatto Nutrition an active blog but, utilising a system developed by Green Blood, we have also become one of South Africa's preferred fitness directories. We have many individuals from the fitness industry utilising our directory as a means to promote and market themselves. Besides individuals opperating on their own so have many businesses from various sectors of the industry have opted to place a profile on our website. Many of the businesses include:

  • Gyms
  • Supplement stores
  • Sports clubs
  • Stadiums
  • Personal Trainers
  • Fitness models

These featured directory profiles, include images accompanied by a written component representing the clients business, services or products. Included in the profiles as well, are contact details, a map locator as well as a contact form for visitors to email our clients directly from Benfatto Nutrition.


Included in the Benfatto Nutrition VIP membership is a comprehensive advertising and marketing campaign that spans over many of our very own websites pages and banners but, our partner websites as well. These banners are located throughout the entire website and are available in various sizes. We place these ads according to our agent/members needs and requirements and where we feel they will attract and draw the most amount of traffic to our agents website. Not only are these banners placed strategically on but, are linked to our clients website, Facebook page, Instagram feed and other social media platforms as well.

An online business

As the times change so does the way we do business. Online business, better known as e-commerce, has become an integral part in which products are sold and paid for on a daily basis. At Benfatto Nutrition we've realised this and have implemented a great system that will not only help our VIP’s grow their businesses but, expand their businesses as well.

Becoming a Benfatto Nutrition VIP member will grant you access to a massive variety of digital content that can be used in conjunction with your existing business practices such as banner designs, flyers, business cards, graphics, clothing prints, videos and a whole lot more. Included as well is a wealth of information written by established and well recognized members and athletes within the fitness industry, one being bodybuildng legend Francis Benfatto himself. All this content is available for download at all times via the VIP website and is upgraded on a monthly basis.

This content can be used for advertising purposes, marketing and for teaching clients. As an example; agents can utilise the images and information on Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms to gain attention and draw in more potential clientèle for themselves. For members who have existing websites, this is particularly helpful for various reasons as much of the content was designed for that very purpose. Much of the text provided in the VIP section has been optimized for search engines which allows our members to simply copy over the text with very little editing needed straight into their websites.


The Benfatto Nutrition VIP membership core purpose is to help our agents and members promote their services and sell thier products. We do this by providing clients with high quality online services and provide excellent support. The idea is to keep growing, we want our agents to utilise all the content we provide to promote and market their businesses. Along with great discounts on all Benfatto Nutritions products we are positive that our agents can benefit massively.

If you are keen to get in touch with Benfatto Nutrition please visit our contact page for all our contact details. or simply use the contact form below. Fill in all the required fields and click send. A Benfatto Nutrition representitive will get back to as soon as possible.