Simply starting out as a information hub for the fitness industry, Kimbofit has evolved into something a whole lot more. Over the last few years Kimbofit has grown into a massive company that generates and distributes fitness industry based information over multiple social media channels and continues to do so on a daily basis. Not only has Kimbofit become the ideal blog to find valuable information on training, supplementation or anything regarding the fitness industry but it has also become a great platform for fitness businesses, personal trainers, gyms and the like to market and promote themselves.

Not just information

Supplying and distributing of information is Kimbofit's key purpose. Training routines, diets, eating plans, fitness guides and just basic information regarding the industry.

However, as time has gone on we have developed a great following and utilise this by allowing fitness orientated businesses to market and promote their companies, gyms or independent service providers (Persoal trainers, coaches, etc.),

Partnering up

Benfatto Nutrition has played a big part in the growth of Kimbofit, partnering up with the company was the obvious choice for multiple reasons. As a company looking to expand and offer even more services to its growing clientele base, we are always looking for allies in our journey forward.

Moving forward as a VIP

Joining the Benfatto Nutrition VIP membership has allowed Kimbofit to offer not only information on how to stay fir and healthy nut the necessary nutrition to do so as well. Joining the organisation was a great decision and the team here at Kimbofit could not be happier with the partnership.

Kimbofit, http://kimbofit.com/

I use supplements a lot, because of how convenient it is. I need supps that taste great and do the job. I've found the Benfatto Nutrition brand to be very good. I have used many brands but have taken quite a liking to BN. Keep up the good work 😉

Mike Terry,

I can, without a doubt, say that these are by far the very best supplements I have ever used! I run and hike pretty often as well as do quite a bit of cross fit training and I can always be sure that the Benfatto Nutrition range of supplements can and will replenish my energy as well as my stamina. They're also fantastic for recovery, I highly recommend Benfatto Nutrition.

Martin Stiger,

First of all I'd like to say that your products are great and your timely shipping is amazing! This along with you keeping in touch with your customers is exactly how you keep your customers. It's never been so easy dealing with a business online! Great on delivery, great customer service, great products! Who can ask for anything more?

Matthew Van Wyk,